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Obitchuary is the title of a book I'm hoping to release some time this year. Writing is a very long process and I'm in the middle of two projects, so things have been pushed back. I'll send out details when I have more concrete info.

In the meantime, if you'd like to get on board early, there is Obitchuary merch here:

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Short Story

Anthony is a former contract killer for the Boston mob, now forced to face down the indignity of the slow, natural death his victims never received. His life, his stories, and his mistakes are remembered and retold by a surrogate son who must confront a different kind of mortality: watching his father figure waste away.

Shifting back and forth in time, twisting its way through the streets, clubs, and kitchens of East Boston in the 1960s to the dying cells in Anthony’s Parkinson’s-ravaged brain and body in the 1980's, “It’s Personal” recounts a shared history of friendship, nostalgia, consequences and loss, all while wrestling with the decision that once came so easily for Anthony: one room, one gun, and one person left alive to tell the story.

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