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The word is out! Amazon has taken radio next level with their new app AMP and I'm thrilled to announce two shows I'll be hosting.

USE ACCESS CODE: katcorbett

Join me today and every Tuesday at 5p eastern/2p pacific for a totally positive nothing but fun hour of music we craft together. Amazon's Amp not only allows me to host a show, but we get to tap into their incredibly vast music catalogue and play songs that are already cleared, all ready to play. The music clearance thing has always been a stumbling block with regards to starting a podcast and now I don't have to worry about it. Thanks Amazon Plus, with the AMP app I can put callers on-air live.

So, join me today for the kick off for Songs in the Key of Life with my special guest and longtime friend Angie C as we craft a playlist around all things: sunny.

My other show, my other passion is true crime.

Every week I'll pick a new true crime documentary to watch and we'll discuss LIVE on Amp. Most of my true crime life is spent in a one way relationship listening to podcasts screaming into the void. Here we get to actually talk to each other. Yes, you can talk to me and my guest and we can break down these doc's and terrible people TOGETHER.

A Series of Murders will air Thursday's LIVE on AMP 5p eastern/2p pacific.

A big thank you to the incredible staff at Amazon for creating such an incredible easy way to do live radio.

See you later today.


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