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Updated: Oct 22, 2022

I thought I’d post an update on my writing projects because it's such a long process, and while I sometimes lack the patience needed for the tedious world of revisions, there is no way around it. Write the rough draft. Rewrite. Get notes. Rewrite again. More notes. Write. Notes. Rewrite. Repeat. It’s a miracle anything makes it to the publishing stage. Nevertheless, I am close to releasing some pieces, but it’s looking like early 2023. There are three I can tell you about:

THIRTEEN is set in the small suburb of Rome, New Hampshire. Beloved student Mary Cahill is excited for her thirteenth birthday, but a car accident on her special day turns her bright future upside down.

FEMALE TROUBLE Laverne Bouché is tired of your shit. And his shit, and her shit and their shit, but she's too damn nice to say a thing. Eventually, Laverne swallows enough anger to power an unstoppable wave of violence that wreaks havoc on her small Texas town.

OBITCHUARY is the story of an aspiring journalist whose life and career are upended by an evil inheritance. If you’ve ever had to deal with workplace misogyny and the struggle to climb the corporate ladder, you’ll identify with Janessa Irwin’s need to take them all down even if it kills her.

I decided to release some merch for OBITCHUARY to keep the momentum going. There’s nothing like a deadline or a public announcement to light a fire under my ass. If you’d like to check it out click HERE or just head to the SHOP.

In the meantime, while I toil through rewrites and edits, enjoy your October—my favorite month of the year. Scary movies, candy and more scary movies. There are so many great new horror films being released right now. Get out and see them on the big screen.

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