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Sooooo I quit KROQ.

It's all good! I am eternally grateful for my long and crazy KROQ life. I was leaving the World Famous a while back actually, but Covid hit, deals fell through, yada yada. Now with things opening up, I'm having exciting conversations again.

If you ever listened when I hosted middays, thank you. It was truly an honor to follow the Kevin & Bean show all those years. Thanks to the record reps and managers who trusted me with artists in many delicate situations. I'll still be bugging you of course, but for now, thank you for introducing me to my heroes.

For almost 20 years I programmed and hosted Locals Only—a show I created to help talent get to the next level, but I didn't do it alone. Locals Only was a massive undertaking with lots of moving parts—a truly collective effort. Many passionate people behind the scenes at KROQ made it possible to bring artists in studio, record sessions, create events to highlight the talent and present shows. They worked so hard to help push these artists to the front. Promotions, van drivers, digital, you are amazing. Big thanks to the venues that hosted our shows. Your clubs are the heartbeat of southern California. Thanks to bands and labels for your patience with regards to submissions over the years. It has been a constant avalanche of email to sort through.

Thank you to the KROQ sales team for getting sponsors like Mercedes Benz on board to sponsor Locals Only. You have no idea how difficult it is to keep a specialty show like LO on a terrestrial radio station in the #2 market in the country at all let alone before midnight. It could have easily been booted to the ass end of 3am, but great sponsors kept it high profile. Thanks to Springer and sales for assisting in the launch of my other passion project the animal adoption program KROQ to the Rescue. It's so nice to use my microphone for things other than music.

Thanks to Kevin Weatherly for giving me a shot all those years ago when everyone said I would never get hired at KROQ. There's a long list of people to call out like Gene Sandbloom and Lisa Worden, promotions, engineering, phone ops and my god the airstaff—you all are simply the best of the best and I'm happy to call you family.

Currently I host a daily show on Lithium at SiriusXM channel 34 at 3p pacific/6p eastern, so join me there for 90s alternative and grunge. For the latest hot tracks join me Friday's on LOOPTV's New Music Video live chat by downloading the app. Richard Blade is on LoopTV too! If you love movies join me and the One Heat Minute crew covering Zodiac, Josie and the Pussycats, All The Presidents Men and you'll hear me as a Sortilège-esque voice on the Increment Vice podcast with Travis Woods. Also, my debut novel should come out sooner than later, so please subscribe to the news alerts below if you want release info. As you can see, I have lots of things going on and I'm looking forward to more creative endeavors.

Thank you for listening.


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